Certificate in International Trade (CIT) is a trade educational program offered by the WTC Metro Manila (WTCMM) in the Philippines, and modeled after the programs offered by WTC Denver, WTC Mumbai and the WTCA-endorsed Forum for International Trade Training (FITT).

CIT is a professional trade designation that is earned by completing courses and meeting requirements set by the WTCMM and granted to one who has acquired a comprehensive set of skills enabling one to assess and evaluate the opportunities available, as well as risks associated with international trade.

At the end of the program, the participants will be able to:

 1.      Acquire knowledge and skills that will provide them with a personal competitive advantage in local and international markets;

 2.     Gain knowledge, as well as hard and soft skills, that are applicable across varying:

a. Industries - manufacturing, trading, consultancy, etc; 

b. Functions - marketing, purchasing, sales, logistics, etc.; 

c. Sizes- multinational, micro-, small-, or medium-sized enterprise; and 

d. Types of the organization - a private company, government, trade association, etc.

 3.      Be recognized by employers, colleagues, and clients as professionals whose competencies in international trade are of the highest standards and will possess the credential to prove it;

 4.      Earn a powerful differentiator when competing against other candidates vying for the same position or job;

 5.      Meet and network with resource speakers and fellow students, from within and outside of their industry, that may translate to promising opportunities in the future;

 6.      Be able to address issues and real-world business challenges, hone their ability to look beyond their present role and see how organizations operate as a whole and from a global perspective;

 7.      Increase their exposure to diverse perspectives on cultural, social, and global business issues as they collaborate with participants with backgrounds, experiences, and career goals that differ from their own.




It is a combination of theory and practical applications:

•        lecture- discussion

•        Group discussions and/or exercises for analysis and application.

•        Individual and group consultation

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