Why should you become a CIT Professional?

Increase Your Knowledge and Self Confidence

Acquire knowledge and skills that will provide you with a step-up in personal competitive advantage in international markets and in your place of work

Gain Versatility With Transferrable Skills

Just as global trade activities are multi-faceted, so, too, is the CIT designation.  Much of the knowledge, as well as the hard and soft skills that are gained from earning the CIT designation, is applicable across different industries and functions, i.e.,

  • Manufacturing, Trading, Consultancy
  • Marketing, Purchasing, Sales, Logistics and size and type of organizations
  • Companies/Corporations 
  • Trade Organizations
  • Government and Non-Government Organization
  • Enterprises (micro, small, and medium)

Gain Recognition, Credibility, Competence

Be recognized by employers, colleagues, and clients as a professional whose competencies in international trade are of the highest standards  with a credential to prove it 

Differentiation as a Job Candidate

Even if a CIT designation is not a minimum requirement, it can be a powerful differentiator when competing against other candidates  vying for the same position.

Earning a CIT designation is likely to take your application up a notch in the minds of potential employers

Benefit From a Network of Colleagues

Meet with resource speakers and fellow professionals from within and outside of your industry, which may translate to promising opportunities in the future

Gain a Broader Worldview

Be able to address issues and real-world business challenges, hone your ability to look beyond your present role and see how organizations operate as a whole and from a global perspective

This also increases your exposure to diverse perspectives on cultural, social, and global business issues as you collaborate with participants whose backgrounds, experiences, and career goals differ from yours

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