Course Overview


Negotiation is the linchpin of international trade transactions. It is during negotiations that the exporter and buyer start to solidify their business relationship. Effective sales negotiation skills can make a significant difference in export performance. There is a constant challenge for everyone in export sales roles to persuade and influence current and potential customers. Readiness with careful research and understanding, and learning how to overcome objections are key in sales and negotiations.

This course introduces participants to a number of sales and negotiating tactics, with a focus on preparing them to attend a sales meeting with a potential international client. It begins by introducing the concepts of a value proposition and a sales pitch, two essential tools to effectively presenting a product or service. The course then continues by taking participants through the preparation process for a sales meeting, which it organizes as a series of 6 logical and sequential steps. Finally, participants are presented with several negotiating strategies, styles and tactics to deploy in a sales meeting, depending on the particular long-term or short-term outcomes which they wish to achieve.

After completing this course, participants will be able to develop a value proposition for a product or service, prepare for an international sales meeting, and prepare a negotiating plan to use in a sales meeting.