Course Overview


This course takes participants on a journey through the international trade finance industry with the aim of providing them with the ability to not only identify and access appropriate pre and post-shipment trade finance requirements, including funding source, but also the strategies to effectively negotiate payment terms with buyers or importers. The course uses a hands-on approach to introduce bills of exchange, documentary credits and documentary collections by showing participants how to manage foreign exchange risks and use export credit insurance and/or demand guarantees to minimize the issues involved in offering open account terms. Additionally, the course discusses available sources of financing, as well as loan requirements of banks, with particular focus placed on the ways in which enterprises can meet these requirements by putting together the required financial documents and other necessary information.

After completing this course, participants will be able to identify and apply the different forms of pre and post-shipment financing appropriate for a particular transaction; learn strategies to negotiate payment terms with international buyers; manage foreign exchange risks; analyze the company’s financial needs and identify suitable sources of financing, and get advises on the best ways of meeting bank requirements when applying for financing.